Establishing Specialised Procurement Units & Contracts Committees

The Gambia Public Procurement Authority is hereby reminding all procuring organization to ensure the establishment of an effective Specialized Procurement Unit and a Contracts Committee.

Section 47 of the 2018 Act dictates that “A Contracts Committee shall be established in every procuring organization in the Gambia supported by a Specialized Procurement Unit to be established in the organization…”There are already plans to introduce Electronic Government Procurement in the Gambia and this cannot be successful if the fundamental pillars of Public Procurement are not in place and understood. This entails sending newly recruited or transferred procurement officers for a short training on the execution of their duties.

We have two short term training programs:

  1. Principles of Public Procurement designed for newly recruited or redeployed officers with no background in procurement
  2. Recurrent/Refresher Training designed for serving procurement officers already engaged in procurement where changes in the Act and regulations are discussed

Lack of procurement knowledge will no longer be an excuse for poor performance neither will it be a reason for leniency in our reviews.

Together we can ensure Value For Money in expenditure of Public Funds!


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